People behind the project

This project has developed partly by:
Dennis, vervaardigen metaal constructies.
Fokko, advice on indoor climate.
Jack, advice on wooden shipbuilding techniques.
Julia, photos.
Katja, advice on materials.
Rudiinitiator/creator, doing market research for Green Planet on transition to more sustainable car fuels it became clear to me that we can not on old way move forward (this plan is rewarded with the unique opportunities scheme for energy transition projects and is realized).
Because I believe that sustainable technology deserves a more attractive image am I in past been involved in a solar race boat project in a inter organizational role * *.
Since I in addition to interest in sustainable vehicles also have a fascination for (folding) caravans I tried to build a bicycle caravan in functionality to the wishes, needs and interests of consumers. I me inspired by the principles of organic architecture where functionality and construction combined with attention to well-being of man in harmony with the environment. Because costs and ease of use are important in the decision-making process, are all parts of the product development integrated to try to create an optimal balance between, functionality, durability, design, feasibility and costs. This to as many people as possible the opportunity to offer a holiday on a healthy, comfortable, satisfying and for less burdensome way to enjoy.
I’m proud to be the Timetabler of the best university Top Master’s degree programme in The Netherlands, 
Nanoscience, according to the Higher Education Guide 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019.
Samengesteld uit BSc en MSc modules heb ik in de avonduren de korte opleiding commerciële bedrijfskundige en extra vakken met een modus van 9 afgerond. Dit heb gedaan naast een volledige baan waarbij ik in de weekenden extra werkte om de opleiding te kunnen bekostigen.
Ik wil graag mijn kennis beschikbaar stellen aan innovatieve initiatieven.
Mijn bijdrage kan bestaan uit interactie op ideeën, marktonderzoek, marketing advisering, inkoop (marktonderzoek) en cijfermatige zaken. 



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